49 **BREATHTAKING** Short Happy Birthday Wishes


No matter how hard you are trying, sometimes only a few words, even some short happy birthday wishes are what makes it into someone’s smile and happiness. And all you could do is find out the most adorable and relatable words for the person you love in form of a birthday wish, and tell them on their birthday how important they are for you. Make sure you are playing your part in spreading joy in whatever form because you can never spread too many smiles. But are you confused about where to start from? Here are a few suggestions of short birthday wishes which are general and you can share via text message or social media with pretty much everyone.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes to Get Inspired

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday to the most beautiful person in the world! Stay blessed.

Giftbox free iconI am so sorry I am not there, but I am wishing you the very best on your wonderful day, Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconAnd here came another birthday, I almost forgot how many birthdays we spent together. Happy to you!

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday, Dear! May you get everything you wished for in the past.

Giftbox free iconYour birthday is the day we get to tell you how special you are to us. So here goes that, Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I know.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday to you! You make our days so much better and we wish our ways never part.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday to the most beautiful person inside and out.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday (name)! I never knew how could I ever survive without you in this cruel, cruel world.

Giftbox free iconHappy Hatch Day, little birdie! I hope you get all the happiness you deserve and so much more on your special day.

Giftbox free iconStay blessed and enlighten more lives because we adore how you are making the lives of people so much better just by existing. So keep existing! Happy Birthdays.

Short Wishes for Your Birthday Celebration

short happy birthday wishes today be filled with laughter sunshine love

Giftbox free iconWe would love to celebrate so many birthdays with the person we totally love and adore. And we love cake. So Happy Birthday, once again.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! How incredible it is that you are turning into this beautiful magical person every day and every year I see that glow getting brighter.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday you incredible soul! You know we love you.

Giftbox free iconHappy B-day to the person with the magical skin and killer body so no one could tell what their actual age is. I know its 140, so… wait, kidding. Stay blessed dear.

Giftbox free iconI wish we could celebrate your birthday four times a year so I could see you this happy and excited more often. Happy Birthday, cutie!

Giftbox free iconLights, balloons, sparkles, cake and your smile make the best birthday party ever. Happy Birthday to you!

Giftbox free iconThank you so much for being born, we are much happier now. Happy Birthday gorgeous.

Giftbox free iconNo matter how many more birthdays you celebrate, you are never going to be older than me. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday Idiot, and give my blue shirt back.

Giftbox free iconI see you have developed a taste and understood culture now. No wonder you got into your mid-twenties! Happy Birthday to you.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday, Princess! I cannot believe how much have you grown.

Birthday Short Messages

short happy birthday wishes stop lying about your age

Giftbox free iconI still remember you as a baby asking for my phone to play little games which you would never play now. Happy Birthday to you!

Giftbox free iconI still remember the day when I first met you, then I blinked and so many years passed. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconI hope today would be as magical as other birthdays we celebrated together. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday, Cheese Cake! I can not believe a year went by and we have not seen each other since, but memories are still fresh. Love you.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! Let’s meet up on this birthday of yours and catch up. Love you lots!

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday dear friend, I hope you would be smiling for the rest of your life.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! may all of your worries and stress goes away.

Giftbox free iconLoads of happiness and magic sent to your way because it is your birthday! Happy Birthday to you.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! I wish all of your desires and goals are achieved this year because you turned 23!

Giftbox free iconWishing you a wonderful life ahead, Happy Birthday!

Short Wishes for Special Ones

short happy birthday wishes as special as you are

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! Legal for alcohol right? I hope that you would party really hard and let everyone know it is your 21st birthday.

Giftbox free iconDM me for some special recommendations because trust me, I know more about alcohol than you now. Happy 21st Birthday!

Giftbox free iconAre you sure it is your birthday? Because I swear it feels like yesterday we cut your cake! Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconOh wait, another year just passed magically with you? Happy Birthday, dear!

Giftbox free iconA very warm happy birthday to a person who surely deserves a very happy day!

Giftbox free iconI wish God blesses you with everything that makes you happy and that you stay happy forever. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconA Happy Birthday to only light in darkness who could illuminate any person’s path.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! I am so proud to be with you and hope we stay together, forever.

Giftbox free iconMay God bless you with everything you ever wanted and so much more than that on your birthday.

Short Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

short happy birthday wishes as special as you are

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday, and get ready, I am coming over for the pizza.

Giftbox free iconI know you were waiting for this moment when I will finally wish you. Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! Here, you just got your birthday present. I’m kidding I bought it.

Giftbox free iconI could not thank God enough for sending you 19 years ago to our world. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconI hope you stay this friendly and cute person forever. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconI hope your alien parents are no much worried about you because you are doing just fine on Earth. Happy Birthday!

Giftbox free iconI know you don’t like to read a lot. So here is your cute and short happy birthday wish. Happy Birthday, Munchkin.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday and I hope you are genuinely happy to add one more year into your life. This adds up to what, a 112? Lol.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday and I wish you all the happiness, health, wealth there is in the world.

Giftbox free iconHappy Birthday! I hope you surround yourself with the most amazing people who would eventually turn you into a better person.

These were some of the suggestions for some short happy birthday wishes you could send to your loved ones. Could not find what you wanted? We have a bunch more stuff do not forget to check our website for the most fabulous happy birthday wishes, birthday Instagram captions, happy birthday images, birthday party ideas and so much more.


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